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Allow Your Team To Respectfully Disagree With You

Collaboration doesn’t always mean that everyone agrees. There will be times when you will have a difference in opinion, which is perfectly normal; as a matter of fact, it’s a great thing.

Teams that work together benefit from productive conflict. According to Adam Grant, “If two people always agree, it’s a sign that at least one of them isn’t thinking critically — or speaking candidly. Differences of opinion don’t have to be threats. They can be opportunities to learn.”

Being able to disagree with your colleagues — and even your leader — is a sign of a psychologically safe workplace. Disagreement is a normal part of any healthy relationship, and that’s not the same as conflict. Learning how to disagree respectfully allows you to grow continually as a communicator and leader while creating a culture that will allow others to do the same.

Credits: Allaya Cooks-Campbell, How to disagree at work without being obnoxious

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Ranvir Singh
Ranvir Singh
04 sept 2022

Jio ji bhr tbb tkk na rukoo jbb tkk lakshy ko pa na jaoo it,s reail thought our best point of view

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