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4 Communication Errors You Should Avoid When Leading a Transformational Change

Communication, so essential and still undervalued by many people believe it or not. I can remember attending a general staff and a departmental meeting when the CEO and manager made an announcement; the company must change its business model to remain relevant.

The CEO explanation for the change was very, very vague; there was no reasoning for the change, and after the meeting, I was quite puzzled and baffled. I can also remember some of my fellow employees confuse as well and asking the following questions:

  • Why the need for the change

  • Where do I fit in

  • Will I lose my job

  • How long will this change take

After carefully analyzing this particular change, I soon realized that management never took communication seriously. Here are 4 communication errors you should avoid when leading change.

Using One Form Of Communication

Any transformational change requires multiple channels of communication in an attempt to drive the change home and to get buy-in from employees. This was a complex change, and employees had many concerns about the changes, and may I add; there was a lack of trust between management and employees, which only m