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WoW! This Is So Powerful

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Inspiring and what’s needed more than Ever in this World Great Awakening of Mankind been sent back to Mother Nature via Walks-Cycling-Running and Nowhere else to go because of Rules and Regulations that no one wanted.We have got to Appreciate what beside us as never before have we admired Birds-Song-Silence-Nature-and all heavenly Creatures that are entitled to a better life instead being killed as part of Greed and Commercial World.Have a wonderful week as we close in on the Flowers of May and the most Beautiful Month of the Year as in June.Please take time out with Francis Ledwidges Poem June and be Francis Ledwidge on how he Captured Mother Nature and all he seen on that walk from Rathfarn…


Ricky Hartry
Ricky Hartry
Apr 18, 2021

God is good 🙏 Stayblessed 🌏🙇‍♂️🙌

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