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When You Are A Leader

Many people are promoted or recruited into leadership positions without understanding the fundamental philosophy of leadership;

It’s all about people.

When you are a leader, you are no longer responsible for doing the job. Instead, you are now responsible for inspiring, coaching, mentoring, and motivating your team to become the best version of themselves. That’s why we have many companies grossly over-managed and severely under-led.

One must remember that the talents that make a person successful in a previous, non-leadership role are rarely the same ones that will make them excel as leaders.

When a leader can inspire and empower their team to become the very best version of themselves by challenging their assumptions of what they can accomplish, a leader can now empower their team to believe in the impossible and produce incredible results to the astonishment of many.

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Andrew Kuzilwa
Andrew Kuzilwa
Apr 17, 2022

Very true, As leaders we should be able to make as many leaders as we can.


Faith Pack
Faith Pack
Apr 16, 2022

So true. There are traits that great leaders have to inspire their team to produce great results.

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