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What Being Humble Means?

To develop into one of the greats of leadership and to become a better person. It's imperative to practice humility.

According to Unbridling Your Brilliance, at the heart of humility is a desire to serve and a dedication to helping others become great. Never confuse humility with weakness; as a matter of fact, it takes great strength of will and character to put the needs of others before your own. To admit your mistakes, to be vulnerable, transparent, and fallible in front of your team.

Humble leaders recognize that they are not on earth to see how important they can become but to see how much difference they can make in the lives of others.

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Gifford Thomas
Gifford Thomas
Nov 23, 2020

So sad Frances, thanks for sharing


Frances Hammond
Frances Hammond
Nov 19, 2020

I appreciate this message because as one who's done network marketing many of the leaders where far from humble but more boastful.

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