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We Are Not Rejected, Only Re-directed

Often, when things in our lives seem to go wrong, we feel like it’s the end of the world because we can’t see further than what’s right in front of us. However, it is only when we look back after we’ve survived the storm that we realize that those “broken” parts are actually pieces that make up the beautiful picture that is our destiny.

Sometimes, for everything to come together, things need to fall apart first. Not getting what we want can be a huge step toward reaching a bigger dream, according to Rachel Brathen.

Obstacles and rejections are merely stepping stones to something great, but you must change your attitude and not take rejection personally. Instead, redirect your rejection and use it for something good; at the time, will it be easy? Hell no, but it will be worth it in the end because we are never rejected, only redirected.

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1 Comment

This really holds true to my life in the last 3 years

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