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This Is Not Leadership

If you feel some sense of importance because your people are afraid of you or when the "boss" is coming, everyone gets tight with fright. I got news for you; THIS IS NOT LEADERSHIP; IT'S BULLYING, and if you feel some sense of importance by making someone feel less of themselves, something is definitely wrong with you.

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Tetiana McLemore
Tetiana McLemore
Feb 24, 2021

I can't agree more:) I happen to work for a leader who uses the tactic of bullying to mask one's own weakness. What interesting is that such leaders tend to believe those smart employees whom they bully and try to intimidate are competing with the leaders and what to get to their positions. While in reality, the employees do not even think to get the same job or position. All who they compete with is themselves because they want to be a better version of themselves every next day they live and breathe.

I am curious to pick your brain, Gifford, on how you would suggest working with such a leader? Imagine, a situation, when that leader is bullying a…

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