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The True Price Of Leadership

Many people love positions of leadership because they usually come with perks and some level of prestige. However, perks and prestige do not make a leader. To become a leader – an effective leader, you have to bear in mind that the real cost of leadership is self-interest.

Without this awareness and the willingness to sacrifice yourself for the good of those being led, people in leadership positions abuse their authority for their enrichment. The worst thing is that they sacrifice their people in the process.

Leaders work for their team; however, often, this is not the case. People will sacrifice for their leader when they know that their leader has their back and would do the same for them. Once that sense of security erodes, and the team cannot trust their leader, commitment level starts to decrease, and the team begins to lose all inspiration.

If you want the perks of leadership, you must be willing to pay the price of leadership.

Credits: Leading With Intent, The Cost of Leadership - Have You Paid it.

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