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“I absolutely gain a lot of insight on how to be a better person and leader from reading this book. It was a great read.

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the Best Leaders Are Empathetic Leaders.

Leadership is all about people and relationships. Whether you’re the leader of a small team, the manager of a large retail store, or the CEO of a global corporation, your people make your organization successful.

Show people that you care, ask them questions about their hobbies, their challenges, their families, their aspirations. This genuine curiosity about their lives will help foster a great, long-lasting relationship. According to Lolly Daskal, to continually inspire your people to perform at their optimum best you must understand the perspectives of your people, and you must give them the respect they deserve which is reflected in the service provided to their customers; empathy allows you to achieve this and as a result, the most critical skill leaders need today is empathy and the best leaders are empathetic leaders.

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