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The 4 Secrets To Leading and Inspiring Change

Confused about change management in your organization, you are not alone.

Transformational change is challenging to achieve, but some companies have successfully implemented change throughout the length and breadth of their organization. So, this begs the question; what's the secret behind a successful transformational change, and why do some companies identify leadership as the catalyst for creating the environment conducive to change.

Jack Welch, Anne Mulcahy, Al Dunlap, Steve Jobs, Satya Nadella, and many, many more leaders all successfully delivered change in their organization. Some can argue that their approach was different, but one cannot question their success leading the change in their organization.

What's their secret?

The Purpose of Change was explicitly clear.

In the late 1990s, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Change their Culture to Remain Relevant in their industry. Management ensured that the purpose of the change was communicated to everyone in the organization around the world and as a result, this got the staff ready for the change and set the tone for the new strategic direction.

Adopting a long term vision and leading by example

The vision is a critical success factor for managing change and companies that commit to the process are more likely to experience greater acceptance than those who implement short term or damage control practices. To create that great place to work, the CEO and senior management must show a strong commitment to active communication and a commitment to the company's vision and values. They must lead the change by example and ensure that the vision and values of the company are lived and experienced throughout the entire organization.