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That's Leadership

Sometimes it is very challenging to stay positive in a negative situation?

In many instances, when we find ourselves in these situations, it becomes very easy to adopt negative thinking and, in the process, blame everyone and everything for the world of problems happing in our lives or at our organization.

It's tough, I know, but that's what being a leader is all about. There's much more to leadership than having a title and being in charge of a team which is why leadership is not for the faint at heart. Your leadership is tested in a crisis, and you can immediately deduce what kind of leader you are when you are faced with challenging situations that stretch you to think beyond your comfort zone.

It's all a matter of mindset because you have to inspire and motivate your team to believe that everything will be okay while at the same time keeping your composure to steady the ship through some very turbulent waters. This is why staying positive in negative situations is not naive; it's leadership.

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