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Show Respect

Real leadership has always been built on a strong character. It's not just a role one plays; it is a life one leads, whether you are at home or the office. How many CEOs have resigned because of their questionable character and behavior? They destroy their reputation in a matter of seconds. This's why leaders of good character inspire employees to think and act in ways that contribute to their organization and society's well-being.

It's not about an image one portraits for the public; it's about being your real authentic self while living your life as an example for people to follow.

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1 Comment

Jill Zueck
Jill Zueck
Feb 07, 2022

This is so true and a valid character flaw for people in positions of power! Learn from the mistake of others and Respect yourself enough to not Repeat them. Love your strong character, embrace it, and continue fulfilling it by giving back what you have. This is true spiritual wealth!!

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