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Leadership Requires That You Build A Relationship With Your Team, Here's Why.

A newly minted sales manager held a meeting with her staff to discuss the company’s shortfall for the past quarter. One of her sales agents missed her targets, and the manager became verbally abusive to the agent in front of the entire team. But what happened next shocked the whole team. Within a week of the incident, the sales agent resigns, and the manager found out later that the agent was in a bitter divorce and custody battle with her ex-husband that took a toll on her life personally, emotionally, and professionally. Now some people will read this and think well you need to leave your personal issues at home because work is work right!

If you have personal issues, deal with it; the company is not responsible for helping you. I heard this from someone whom I had a conversation with, and it is always amazing when I encounter “leaders” who treat their people like commodities as opposed to people, you know a human being with a heart and feeling. But what is even more bizarre is that these “leaders” would complain that their company is not living up to its potential.

Leadership requires that you build a relationship with your team. If one of your people is dealing with a significant personal issue and you are oblivious to it or your employee chooses not to talk to you or even mention it, then something is wrong with the culture, or worst the company is over-manage and under-led.

I read this story once about someone who experienced an extraordinary moment at their job during a very challenging project with his