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Leaders With Humility

Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. C.S Lewis

At the heart of humility is a desire to serve and a dedication to helping others become great.

Never confuse humility with weakness; as a matter of fact, it takes great strength of will and character to put the needs of others before your own. To admit your mistakes, to be vulnerable, transparent, and fallible in front of your team.

Humble leaders exhibit behaviors that lift their team's spirits, self-esteem, and confidence to achieve anything imaginable.

Credits: Unbridling Your Brilliance

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I am delighted to read the comments which resonate with the central theme of my 6th book-THE GENTLE ART OF TAO LEADERSHIP--A 21ST CENTURY PERSPECTIVE, out on 5th Nov 2020, distributed worldwide by Simon & Schuster. The effective leader is humble, never boasts, bullies, coaxes or coerces; he never adopts any warlike approach knowing that this will self-defeat; he subscribes to ethics, respects his subordinates, inspires by example; he believes in laissez-faire and that the least he interferes, the better will be the outcome; he walks behind his subordinates and never claims personal success; as he does not seek to be conspicuous, he is universally respected; he cares not for wealth, consumes little, is generous and cares for the need…

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