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Inspirational Leadership

Have you ever had the privilege of working for someone who makes you feel inspired to the point where you actually look forward to going to work?

I read a story about someone who experienced an extraordinary moment at their job during a very challenging project with his team. According to the report, sensing something wrong with the project, the company's CEO gave a compelling and motivational speech that left each person believing they could achieve anything. Then, half an hour later, everyone left the room, looking at each other and saying:

"Yes, let's do that right now, let's go for it."

The late great Dr. Myles Munroe said that great leaders could walk into a room of depressed people and transform those people into warriors. Note the word 'Transform.' My experience has shown me that inspirational leaders are a rare breed because businesses are run by what we define as managers: people with a list of objectives to accomplish, really skilled at identifying, giving and following orders, making pressure to ensure that these are done.

In many cases, managers can drive businesses, but inspirational leaders separate average companies from great ones.

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