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How Do You Lead People Who Know More Than You?

Can you lead a team when they know a lot more about their work than you do?

In today's world, a leader's job is no longer to command and control but to cultivate and coordinate others' actions at all levels of the organization. Only when leaders come to see themselves as incomplete—as having both strengths and weaknesses—will they be able to make up for their missing skills by relying on others.

Many people in leadership positions still operate from this false concept that they should have all the answers, someone with superhero powers who should try to be everything to everyone, but these "so-called Leaders" often get burned out and lash out aggressively when things don't go as expected.

Don't try to do everything; that's why you build a team in the first place. Remember, leadership is all about inspiring and motivating people to become the very best version of themselves. According to Simon Sinek, when you are a leader, you are now responsible for the people who are responsible for the job, and your role as a leader is to bring out the best in others, even when they know more than you.

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