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Great Leadership

One of the hallmark traits of great leaders is their ability to build great teams with the expertise to help the organization achieve its vision and, in the process, fulfill its purpose. According to Brigette Hyacinth, “micromanagement is a complete waste of everybody's time. It sucks the life out of employees, fosters anxiety and creates a high-stress work environment. Select the right people and give them room to get on with the job.”

When you have a great group of passionate, inspired, and motivated people eager to make a difference, give them the freedom to work and create an environment that allows them to become the very best version of themselves.

Great leaders understand that success is not about being the most intelligent person in the room. Rather, it's about creating an environment where everyone can contribute their ideas and expertise that allows the company to consistently pull off innovative or heroic feats because so many of the people working there are given the freedom to make it happen.

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