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Great Leaders Have The Skill Of Empathy

The core foundational trait of any leader is empathy and their ability to place themselves in their employee’s situations to feel what their people are feeling. However, it requires some serious soul-searching and a change of thinking to practice empathy, which is still considered a “not so important trait” for many people responsible for managing and leading people.

Many people today believe that emphatic leaders are weak. For some reason, they believe this “soft Skill” is a nonessential variable that adds no value to their leadership and, by extension, their organization when all the studies have linked empathy to superior business results, according to Bruna Martinuzz.

To continually inspire your people to perform at their optimum best, you must understand the perspectives of your people, and you must give them the respect they deserve, which is reflected in the service provided to their customers; empathy allows you to achieve this and as a result, the most critical skill leaders needs today is empathy, and the best leaders are empathetic leaders according to Lolly Daskal.

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