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“I absolutely gain a lot of insight on how to be a better person and leader from reading this book. It was a great read.

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Great Leaders Boost The Self-esteem Of Their Teams

No matter how intelligent and skilled your employees are, they will continuously doubt their potential if they lack confidence.

I have seen people in leadership positions take full advantage of someone’s insecurities for their own twisted agendas. It’s very disheartening, and I can only imagine what that person is feeling inside. Leadership is such a tremendous responsibility because you have the influence to help someone become the very best version of themselves and, in the process, make a profound impact on their life.

Why would anyone take this for granted, especially when dealing with people?

Building confidence, mentoring, and coaching takes time and energy. Still, it’s worth it, and if you can help somebody build their self-esteem and confidence, it will pay dividends for the person and the organization.

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