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Get Out Now!

“After working in a toxic environment for seven years, I decided to quit my job in a last-ditch attempt to save my sanity. After I quit, I went to the doctor, who said my stress levels were dangerously high, and I was going to cause myself long-term physical and mental health damage. I needed three months to recover from the trauma before I could face going back to work. I am still in the same profession now, but I choose to work for companies that take better care of their employees, and now I work much better hours, don’t allow anyone to make me feel pressured, and I am open with my colleagues if I am struggling to cope. Now I put myself first, and I am no longer a people pleaser.”

Toxic organizations are so prevalent in today’s environment that many people have accepted this kind of behavior as normal. Never let any job affect your health; it makes no sense to allow yourself to suffer for a job that does not value you as a professional and as a person. The company will replace you if, God forbid, something were to happen to you; it’s as real as that.

This world is overflowing with opportunities, and you should never feel trapped in a job for the sake of a salary. When you understand the power inside you and your infinite abilities, you will never be a slave for any salary.

Your health is your wealth, and the people who truly value you, your husband, wife, children, family and friends need you to be around for a long time, save your time and energy for them; and to help make a difference in this world; never for an employer who cares nothing about you.

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