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Build A Relationship With Your Team

I read this story once about a sales manager discussing their company’s shortfall with her team. Unfortunately, one of her sales agents missed her targets, and the manager verbally abused the agent in front of the entire team. Within a week of the incident, the sales agent resigns. The manager found out later that the agent was in a bitter divorce and custody battle with her ex-husband that took a toll on her life personally, emotionally, and professionally.

Leadership requires that you build a relationship with your team. Suppose one of your people is dealing with a significant personal issue, and you are oblivious to it, or your employee chooses not to talk to you or even mention it. In that case, something is wrong with the culture, or worse, the company is over-managed and under-led.

Great leaders enter into real valuable dialogues with their team that build a healthy relationship between both parties. That’s what leaders do; that’s what leadership is all about. If you have no relationship with your team and are comfortable with your people coming to work, completing their tasks, and leaving with no interaction, please, do us a favor and don’t call yourself a leader.

By the way, can you guess the sales manager’s reaction when she found out about the agent’s situation? Yes, you guessed right, the manager showed no remorse and indicated that any agent’s personal problem is not her problem; her only concern is meeting and exceeding her targets.

What a company to work for!

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