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Are You A Leader Of Good Character?

Are you a leader of good character?

Real leadership has always been built on a strong character. It's not just a role one plays; it is a life one leads, whether you are at home or the office. How many CEOs have resigned because of their questionable character and behavior? They destroy their reputation in a matter of seconds. This is why leaders of good character inspire employees to think and act in ways that contribute to their organization and society's well-being.

A leader of good character is someone whose behavior can be predicted in their absence; in other words, they stay true to their authentic self by never compromising on their values. It's not about an image one portraits for the public; it's about being your real authentic self while living your life as an example for people to follow.

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Gifford Thomas
Gifford Thomas
Jan 28, 2021

Thanks for sharing


Ramkumar K
Ramkumar K
Jan 26, 2021

Good read. My thoughts

Needless to mention the increase in corporate scams and scandals in the recent past.

Does Leaders compromise Character ? If so, how do we define organizational culture?

Invite insights.

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