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10 Inspirational Leadership Quotes To Inspire The Leader Within

Leadership can be challenging; as a matter of fact, it can be frightening, tiring, and exhausting. The stereotypical leadership image of a buttoned-up person in a gray suit hauling around a hefty briefcase is long gone. Leaders have evolved, and our leaders need inspiration and motivation to deal with all the daily challenges.

When you feel like your head is about to pop or your leadership batteries are running low, turn to these short words of wisdom for a quick boost to your confidence and development.


Human beings experience fear at some points throughout their lives. While it’s completely OK to feel afraid during certain situations in your life, you must still take serious actions to build courage if your fears were preventing you from reaching your goals. Most people think that courage is the absence of fear, and that’s not true. All people experience fear, including the brave and the coward ones, but it’s how they handle their fears that either make them appear brave or coward. Fear is the emotion that tells you that you should stop here while courage is the emotion that tells you that you must keep going even if you are afraid.


When there is a high level of trust and respect in any environment, loyalty is extremely high, and employees become very confident because people are treated with courtesy and kindness. This is why influential leaders extend a Circle of Safety to include every single person on their team. All forms of discrimination, bullying, and gossiping are rejected, and as a result, the organization becomes very influential and very profitable.

Surround Yourself With Great People

When you are pursuing your greatness, you don't know your limits, and as a result, you must surround yourself with people who can make you grow and stretch, even if it means losing some of your friends that add no value to your growth. When you are pursuing greatness or excellence, we all need someone to help us see and think outside our narrow perspective of what is. We need someone who understands our potential even when we haven't yet accepted it ourselves. Surround yourself with people you can learn from, who can help you become the very best version of you because your time is short on this earth, and it makes no sense to limit your growth base on the limitations of others.

Empower Your Team

Great leaders inspire and motivate their team consistently, and as a result, their team is empowered to help the organization fulfill its purpose while achieving their vision.

Your Character

The true state of your leadership character always surfaces during a crisis. In leadership, you can only fake for so long because a crisis always shows the real characteristics of a leader. Authentic leadership always begins with the inner person, according to John Maxwell. The character of a leader will filter into the entire organization and its employees. Great character will create the potential for a great organization. But, it all begins with the leader’s heart. There are many so-called leaders whose only concern is their self-preservation at the expense of their team during these very challenging times. You can only fake for so long, and this crisis has revealed to many people the real character of their leader.


What does it mean to be a leader who leads from a place of humble privilege vs. a place of perceived right? Many leaders seem to forget that leading others more than anything else should be held in reverence. Being the leader means that you have been placed in a position to serve others. Too often, I have seen leaders duck and cover, throw their people under the bus, throw their positional weight around, and instead of leading from a place of service, lead from a place of ego when things get rough. You are privileged to be in a position where you can direct, shape, and focus people’s potential to a specific result. When you are given the responsibility to lead, you are given a fantastic opportunity to influence many people’s lives positively; a responsibility you should never take for granted.


-Never allow anyone to devalue your worth.

-Never settle for an environment that only seeks to belittle and tear you down.

-Never give in to toxic people and their sinister agendas.

-Never give up hope.

You have greatness trapped inside of you; the world is overflowing with opportunities; take full advantage of all and permit yourself to live a great and abundance life never settle for anything less.

Find Your Spark

Find Your Spark and make a difference in this world.

Stop Doubting Yourself

Are you where you want to be in life? Self-doubt is one of our biggest gremlins, as I like to call them. It’s a little monster in your head that loves to wreak havoc, tell you you’re not good enough, and coerce you to settle for less than you’re truly capable of achieving. Follow your heart, run after your dreams, and live the life you were destined to live because, over the years, I have learned that life is a journey to be experienced, not a destination to be reached.

The Past Is Gone

The past is gone, that aspect of your life is over, forget about it. Whatever it is, know that you can start again from wherever you are right now. Think about the desired outcome you want for yourself & then decide what you can do from here to achieve that, according to Shelly Dass. If you make moves & take action towards the things you want, you will end up in a happier place than if you spend that energy lamenting over how you wished you'd done things differently from the beginning.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."


According to David Wygant, there are 7.6 billion people on this planet, and yet, there is only one you. Life Is About Creating the Most Unique, Amazing Version of YOU, so why would you spend any time fearing what other people think about this unique, amazing person that is you? Embrace the beauty of truly being the unique person you are every day because you are beautiful, and it’s time you embraced it.

Don’t run from your challenges, face them head-on, fight the fear in your heart, and use those feeling to push through whatever you are dealing with. You must remember challenges only come to take you to the next phase of your growth; it’s up to you to determine the outcome. 

About The Author

Inspiration creates the highest engagement levels, it is what separates the best leaders from everyone else, and it is what employees want most in their leaders. The Inspirational Leader, Inspire Your Team To Believe In The Impossible, was written to help all leaders successfully navigate all the disruptions in today's fiercely competitive world. We need a new generation of leaders who care deeply for their team's well-being and who understand that their people are the heart of their leadership. 

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